Review Part 2

Title: Beck and the Great Berry Battle

Characters: Beck, Fawn, Latia, Rosetta, Tink, Terra, Midge, Finn, Cora, Silvermist, Terence, and various animals.

Rating: Two and a half stars

Synopsis: Beck is one of the best animal talent fairies in Pixie Hollow. There's nothing she likes more then speaking bird or mole with the animals. Then one day her funny little hummingbird friend, Twitter, tells her that war has broken out between the chipmunks and the hummingbirds. She thinks he's exaggerating-he's always worried about somthing. But soon the Blackberries start flying. Fairies are getting caught in the crossfire. It's up to get to the bottom of things. Only she can bring peace to Pixie Hollow.

Opinon- Remember when I said the first four books were the best? Yeah apparently I forget how bleh this one is.

I like Beck alright, I love her in the orignal novel, but this one was just.....meh. Predictable begginning predictable middle predictable end. Blah, blah, blah. It was nice to see Rosetta, Fawn and Sil though. This was the first time we'd ever seen any of them. Fawn played a lightly bigger role then the others.

Pros: Animals talents are extremly explored in this book

The movie girls debut

Cons: Flat

Not as touching as the first two

A little silly in my opinion

Worth it: meh....if you like animal talents and Beck you'll like this book alright. and for five dollars its pretty worth it.

Title: Lily's Pesky Plant

Characters: Lily, Iris, Rosetta, Rani, Vidia, Tink, Dulcie, Beck, Fawn, Terence, Pell, Pluck, Spring, and Queen Clarion

Rating: Four stars

Synopsis: Lily has a talent for making things grow. So when she finds a mysterious seed during a walk in the forest, she plants it right away. The ugly seedling that comes up is a surprise, but Lily treasures all plants and has an extra special feeling about this one. It doesn't matter to her that it's ugly....and it smells bad..and it makes everyone in Pixie Hollow sneeze! But it does matter to all the other fairies. The don't like the mysterious plant one bit! Will Lily have to pull up her poor ugly stinky pesky plant?

Opinion: Ahh Lily's Pesky Plant. I have a fond memory of looking at this book and thinking "How streotypical a mexican garden fairy" but I bought it anyway. I was startled at how good this book was. It sounded stupid from the summery, but that just proves you can't judge a book by its cover.

Here we have Lily a calm logical and sweet gardne fairy with a green thumb. She's not at all like the garden fairies we think of now(Flashy girly glamourous). She's very sutdious and patient as most gardeners. And she has a special attachment to a very ugly very porblamatic plant.

What I liked about it was that Lily stuck to her guns. Everyone told her to cut it down but she refused. and in the end it payed off! Lily's hard work and unconditional love payed off! The plant was fantastic!

Pros: Lily is an enjoyable fairy

Iris character development is facinating

The story is short and sweet and easy to get into

All the fairies are represented well

Cons: Vidia was given a bad girl rep but who could blame her?

Worth it: Yes


Title: Rani and the Mermaid Lagoon


Characters: Rani, Fira, Tink, Vidia, Terence, Beck, and the Mermaids


Rating: Three and a half stars


Synopsis: Poor Rani! It isn't easy being the only fairy in Pixie Hollow who diesn't have wings. She doesn't feel like she really belongs with the water talent fairies anymore. In fact maybe she doesn't belong with any fairies at all!


Rani leaves Pixie Hollow and goes to the Mermaid Lagoon. She learns how to breathe underwater. She gets to visit the mermaids beautiful castle. The mermaids fix her hair and dress her up. But Rani diesn't quite fit in with mermaids either. So just where dies she belong?


Opinion: I never liked Rani right from the get go, she was to mary sue for me and to whiny. But this book did bump her up in the ranks a little.


Rani is presented as a character you feel for but don't empathize with. I never really felt like I knew how she was feeling at all through the story. I didn't connect with her. I did however develop feelings of fear for her at parts and apprihense happiness when she is taken by the mermaids.


I did however enjoy the Terence,Rani, Tink, and Fira fall scene. These four along with Prilla are (in the comics) the "friends" the ones always goofing off with each other.


Pros: Rani became a more likeable character


Terence/Tink/Rani/Fira fall scene was great


The Mermaids were a nice change


Fira is introduced to the series


Cons: Rani is not a connectable character


The Water Fairy crying thing is annoying


The story lags at parts


Rani got a bit more credit then she deserved.


Worth it: Meh if you like water fairies and Rani then yes....


Title: Tinker Bell Takes Charge

Characters: Tinker Bell, Rani, Dulcie, Queen Clarion, Terence,Angus, Lily, Prilla, Beck, Florian, Cedar, Gwinn, Bess, Jerome, Spring,

Rating: Three and a half stars

Synopsis: A pots and pans talent fairy, Tinker Bell loves most kinds of metal. But she doesn not love the hugs cannonball that Captian Hook accidentally fires into Pixie Hollow one day. It crashes through the Home Tree, lands smack in the middle of the courtyard and cannot be moved. Tink vos to get rid of the cannonball and get back at Captian Hook. It's a lot fora five inch fairy to take on. But if anyone can do it, its Tinker Bell. The only problem is none of her ideas are working. Tink loves a challenge, but is this one problem even she can't solve?

Opinion: The Most boring of the Tink books it isn't bad though. Tink once again takes the spotlight as she is handed a problem that may be a bit to big for her to chew. Taking care of a cannonball problem.

I was bothered how everyone just sat there and expected Tink to do all the thinking for them. Why arn't they trying to come up with there own ideas? Tink's only one fairy people.

and what's with Terence kind airheadedness the whole time? He kind of doesn't much to react to all this craziness around him. He's just in his own little fairy world.

oh and then there was Angus! Gah my third favorite sparrow man from the book series! I loves his pessimism

Pros: Tink playing hero again, and this time she did a fantastic job at it

There were so many fairies here! We got to see everyone at least once it seemed!


Cons: Lgging story

Left a lot to be desired

Worth it? Meh if you like Tink and her talent then yes

Title: Fira and the Full Moon

Characters: Fira, Helios, Sparkle, Glory, Luna, Iridessa, Beck, Elixa, Vidia, Prilla, Lily, Orren, Precious, Tink, Spring


Rating: Four stars




Synopsis: Fira is a light-talent fairy who never asks for help. When all the fireflies come down with the no-fire flu, she takes charge. When three brand-new light-talent fairies show up at the same time , she looks after them. And on the night of the full moon, when the mining-talent fairies need someone to light up the underground caves, Fira leads the way.


But all that hard work takes it's toll. Fira is tired. Deep in the mining tunnels her light flickers, then goes out! Will the full moon be Fira's darkest hour?




Opinion: Fira was my favorite fairy all the way back in 2007 when In the Realm of the Never Fairies showed up on my library's shelves. I always thought she was beautiful and fashionable and had fantastic hair! And she managaed this without looking to girly.


Now that I'm older and have a stricter list for fairies to pass before there let into my favorite list, I'm amazed how Fira has managed to be my favorite.


Fira is the perfect mix of sass, glamour, kindness, and go-get-em additude. She doesn't sit and wait around for others to feel pity on her, or throw her hands up in defeat when life becomes complicated. Nope she just keeps rolling.


In many way Fira reminds me of me a lot. I do always fall into this habit of thinking if I want somthing to be done right, do it yourself. I tend to let people pile a lot on my plate because I feel if I try to get others to do it, even if there comletly capable, somthing's going to go wrong. I can sometimes work myself to exhaustion (like she often does) and it always results in disaster.


Other traits we share are sometimes forgetting to hold back out snippy comments, getting frustrated with our charges, and accidentally insulting others without even realizing it.


In this book Fira is charged with three very important tasks, making sure the light fairies are doing there jobs while the fireflies are sick.taking care of three new light fairies and lighting the way for the minners. each proves to be difficult for her.


She is working herself to exhaustion with the fireflies out, the three triplets are like rambuncous toddelers, and during the exbidition she gets lost and her glow goes out.


It is here Fira is given a lesson that it's ok to look to others for assistance when sometimes things get to hard for one person to handle all by themselves. The three triplets find her in the cave, even after she refused there offer to help and snapped at them for making a mess.


Pros: Fira is an absolute prestine fairy


The Triplets are a hoot and a half, ecpecially if you watch children yourself or have one


The story is a good one that gets its point across without shoving it in your face


All the characters are enjoyable in there own way


The Minners are an ecpecially interesting talent to read about.


Cons: A few uncessiary chapters dealing with the triplets and Fira


A rather rushed ending


Worth it: Yes.

Title: A Masterpiece for Bess
Characters: Bess, Tinker Bell, Lily, Rosetta, Qwill, Vidia, Dulcie, Terence, Fern, Rani, Silver Mist, Laidel, Colin, Fawn, Hem

Rating: Three and a half stars


Synopsis: Bess' brilliant new painting of Tinker Bell is a perfect likeness, from the dimples on Tink's cheeks to the pom-poms of her shoes. Suddenly, every fairy and sparrow man wants a portrait painted by Bess. She's the most popular art-talent fairy in Pixie Hollow!

But as much as Bess loves paitning, she just can't keep up with all the deamands for portraits. And a new idea has been tugging at her imagination....if only she had time to think about it!


Opinion: While the story of Bess struggling with the portraits was a bit on the yawn side, there was many details of this sotry I enjoyed and wish to point out.

1. This showed us an excellent example of how silly fairies are. It never occured to any of them that Bess might have had to much on her plate. They were being slefish and self interested.

2. This showed how more logical and snesible Terence can be. Out of all the fairies he is the only one to come to Bess not with a request for a portrait but for himself, instead he was just proforming his duty as a dust fairy and complimenting her on her good job on Tink's portrait. Maybe Terence knew she had to much to worry about to ask for one, or maybe Terence simply doesn't fallow fads and wasn't interested in a portrait of himself (It's shown in the magazine he has a portrait of Tink and a portrait of him Jerome and Antea when they were younger) This plays a part in the comic "A portrait for Terence" when Bess realizes she's never painted anything for her friend and makes him a portrait of his own after he helps get over a rough day.

3. Vidia in general stuck me as an interesting character in this story. For once she wasn't nasty doing mean things for no reason kind of fairy. She wasn't Rani sweet either. The author managed to keep her snippy additude without turning her into a villian. She critisizes Bess' portrait of Tink, but not just to be mean, but because she honestly can't see why anyone would want a portrait of themselves standing still. Later when everyone leaves Bess not liking her portrait and she starts crying Vidia stays and toughens her up. She actually gives Bess advice. She tells Bess it doesn't matter what the other fairies think, as long as Bess likes it that's all that matters. She also compliment Bess on her painting......three times. epic win.

Pros: Terence's lack of intreset in fairy pop culture (lol)

Vidia suddenly becoming a emotional crutch for Bess, and allowing it!

Seeing all the silly fairies being silly


Cons: The story itself is very boring


Worth it: Despite it being a boring story I say get it for the details, and for the beautiful illustrations 

Title: Prilla and the Butterfly Lie
Characters: Prilla, Nettle, Jason, Vidia, Queen Clarion, Poppy, Pluck, and Butterflies

Rating: Four Stars


Synopsis: The other Fairies in Pixie Hollow are alwats asking Prilla for help. Some want her to scrub floors, others want her to help make ink or shear caterpillers. Prilla always says yes...even when she'd rather not.

Then to avoid hurting her friend's feelings, Prilla tells a little lie about one of the jobs and ends up in charge of a whole herd of butterflies. She's never hearded butterflies before. But how hard can it be? she wonders. She 's about to find out. You see ,there's somthing very important that Prilla doesn't know about butterflies.......


Opinion: Prilla was Gail Carson's easily likes protagonist. I was terrified Disney was going to change her when they wrote her book. I was thrilled to find they kept Prilla, Prilla. She still is desperate to be accepted by the others, and she's willing to go to great lengths to achive this. Even do things she doesn't want to do! Like shearing catapillers!

In steps the ever wise Vidia, once again acting as advice giver. She tells Prilla she's been doing to much for others and not focusing enough on her own talent. She even admits she cares about what happens to Prilla. This gets Prilla thinking perhapes she needs to learn to say no.

But when the time comes to refuse Prilla can't, so she insteads lies and tells her friend she likes butterfly herding instead of Catapiller shearing. This catches up to her later when, after a freak outbreak of Fairy pox, there are no catapiller herders. Prilla is given the job much to her dismay.

She gets herself caught in many embaressing situations (that Pluck is usually observer too) before finding out the truth about Butterflies.

OVer all it was good, good stories good characters good moral. It's ok to help others from time to time, but learn when enough is enough and when to put your foot down and say no thank you. Otherwise like Prilla your gonna end up "walking all over you" and expecting you to do things for them all the time. And your not going to want to refuse because you feel everyone expects you to do things for them. Things are going to get out of control.

oh yeah and the other moral I guess is don't lie, but I got the first one out of this more then the lieing part.

Pros: Prilla again returns as a likeable, understandable character

Vidia is again protrayed as nasty and rude but adviser and friend to those she deems worthy

The story is cute and has two good morals

Nettle is like Prilla a likeable character

Beautiful illustrations of Prilla and the butterflies

Cons: Queen Clarion's laziness shows through again (I mean can't you clink your own glass?)

Not nearly as many fairies as previous books

Woth it: Oh yes

 Title: Tink North of Neverland
Characters: Tinker Bell, Terence, Twire, Silver Mist, Iridessa, Tor, Rosetta, Fawn, Peter Pan, the Lost Boys
Rating: Five Stars

Synopsis: TINK AND TERENCE are best friends. But sometimes Terence, well . . . he gets on Tink's last nerve. So when Terence accidentally squashes Tink's favorite bowl, her anger flares up and she lets him have it! But Tink soon realizes she made a mistake. How can she make it up to Terence? With a bunch of Never flowers? Or legendary pixie dust? Tink sets off an an epic quest through Never Land. She's never failed before . . . and she's not about to start now!

Opinion: This was just all around a great book. Good writing style, good characters (Tinker Bell and Rosetta ecpecially), good story about friendship.
It had just a little bit of everything, adventure, fairy lore, internal conflict, physical conflict, jealousy, romance and just a pinch of learning to forgive and foget thrown in there too!
Tinker Bell and Terence are off having fun one day when twire drops in (litterally) with a compass. Tink takes the compass sure she can fix it, but the compass soon causes disaster in the workshop and to Tink and Terence's friendship. Tink yells at him in typical Tink fashion and blames him for the disaster. So Terence leaves feeling upset about the whole ordeal but not really mad. This is the closest we ever get to seeing things through Terence's eyes. After leaving Tink he vows not to bother her ever again, he runs across Silver Mist water skating. Sil seeing his disapointment takes him water skiing. Tink stumbles upon them laughing and having a grand time. At first she tries to wave at them but when Terence ignores her and Sil doesn't see her she gets miffed and leaves. The next day Terence is on his deliveries when he sees Iridessa in a flower. Wondering what she is doing Dessa shows him how she makes fireworks. Terence is amazed and helps Iridessa develop even better ones . Tink too finds this and it makes her feel lonely and upset that Terence would rather be with Iridessa then her. That evening she goes to the courtyard waiting to hear a story, and waits for Terence to come get her so they can find seats. Terence who is already there sees her but remembering his vow doesn't call her and instead lets Rosetta sit there. Who gets Terence to smile because she gives him a lovely smile of her own. Tink sees them and again feels hurt that Terence is happy to be with Rosetta. Tor the story teller tells the story of the ancient Pixie Dust Tree and its ruin. After the story Tink asks Fawn is they should invite Terence and Rosetta to the tea room. Fawn agrees but before they reach them Rosetta hears her favorite song and asks Terence to dance. Terence agrees and the teo fly off. Tink is left embaressed hurt and jealous. And this sets the stage for her journey through Neverland to show Terence she is still his friend.
Pros: Twire's back
Tor's story was fantastic
It was great to see Terence interact with the other girls and not just Tink
Peter Pan and Tink's scene was better then the first time around
The resolution to the problem was fabulous
Cons: You know I really can't think of one!

Title: Dulcie's Taste of Magic
Characters: Dulcie, Ginger, Dunkin, Mixie, Queen Clarion, Rani, Silver Mist, Lily, Iris, Pluck and Pell, Maisy, Ava, TinkerBell, and Lymphia
Rating: Four stars
Synopsis: Poor Dulcie! After the overworked baking fairy nearly ruins breakfast, Queen Clarion tells her to take a holiday. But Dulcie's vacation is no fun. Her friends are too busy to spend time with her. And worse the bossy new baking fairy, Ginger has taken over Dulcie's job!
Then Dulcie stumbles across an ancient magical recipe in the library. She's desperate to try it. But how can she bake the mysterious comfort cake is she's not allowed in the kitchen?

Opinion: After the horrers of Beck Beyond the Sea, Dulcie's Taste of Magic was a welcome relief. I've always liked Dulcie she seemed like a studious hard worker, similar to Lily, with a big heart. She proves to be just that. She just wants to make everyone happy with her cooking.
The baking talents appreciate Dulcie, and she appreciates them, and it shows.
There's nothing extra ordinary about this book, just a fairy trying to prove she can still bake, but it was sweet and enjoyable and well written.
The only downer was Queen Clarion who once again shows she FAILS at being a Queen. I mean it's once thing to tell a fairy whose out of sorts to take a rest or a quick nap before coming back for lunch, but to kick her out of the kitchen and tell her not to use her talent again? What the heck was that?
Pros: Dulcie's personality
The book's illustations
exploring the kitchen talents
Cons: Queen Clarions lack of judgement
Nothing grand about the story
Worth it: Yes actually it is

Well there you have it folks. We just got the worst book in the series. And the best. And Dulcie's which was nice. Next I'll review Silver Mist and the Lady Bug Curse, Fawn and the Mysterious Trickster, Rosetta's Daring Day, and Iridessa Lost at Sea.

Book Reviews- Fairy Dust, Trouble with Tink, Vidia
So let me just start off by telling you how this review thing is gonna go. First I'm going to list the book, the characters in the book, and my up to five star rating of it. Then I'll give you synopsis, then my opinion then the pros and cons of the book and finally wether it's worth buying or not.
So umm yeah here goes nothing!
Title: Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg
Author: Gail Carson Levine
Characters: Prilla, Tinker Bell, Rani, Vidia, Mother Dove, Queen Calrion, Terence, Beck, Bess, Moth(Fira), Dulcie, Kyto, Soop, and the Hawk
Rating: Five Stars

Synopsis: Prilla, Fairy Haven's newest fairy is a bit of an oddball. She uses clumsy phrases such as pleased to meet you, sorry, and pardon me, wants to shake hands and curtsie to the Queen, and over all acts more like a clumsy then a never fairy. What's worse she doesn't even know what her talent is! The Never Fairies don't know what to make of her. Then to make matters worse, a hurricane hits Neverland and destroys it very source of magic. Now it's up to three brave fairies to take a dangerous quest to save not just Fairy Haven but all of Neverland itself.

Opinion: Fairy Dust was the offical birth of the Disney Fairy francise and I must say having Gail Carson Levine write this story was one of the smartest things Disney has ever done for itself in years. I've been a fan of GCL since I was a wee thing and read Ella Enchanted. I was all to happy to find out she had written about Tinker Bell, who had been a favorite Disney character of mine for a while. And I wasn't disapointed in this novel.
GCL created a fantasy utopia. She took the bits of information JM Barrie provided us with and built on it a grand and facinating world.
The Never Fairies though the undoubtable heros of the story, are shown to be, just as Barrie described, a bit snobby and self-interested. They want very little to do with the Clumsy world, or much of any other world for that matter (Other then Rani and her obsession with Mermaids and Pirlla) You could go even further and see that each fairy wanted very little to with another fairies talent. they might have appreciated it, but no one was going to admit that another talent was better then theres, or that they might even have the tiniest smidgen of intrest in another talent. Everyone was completly talent obsessed, and it ran there entire lives.
Tink was a great asset to Gail. She kept Tink very much into character from the novel Peter Pan and the movie. She's not nice, but she's not bad either. She's just self obsorbed and talent orintated. In my opinion Tink was never any better then Vidia when you think about it. She didn't exactly welcome Prilla with open arms.
I also thing Vidia was a good cahracter, and I give Gail kudos for creating her. again we have someone who is self-centered, mean spirited and michevious, but not a villian. In fact in some parts Vidia is more a hero then any of the others. And her sacrafice with the dust at the end, her staying when Prilla begged, and her getting emotional over Rani's wings prove she's really not bad at heart. I think (As some one put once) "Vidia honestly thinks she's the only logical sensible fairy in a world of idiots" and some times I have to agree with that statement.
Prilla was a very good proagonist. Most kids the age that the books were written for, are going through the same internal struggle she is, what am I good at? Where will I fit in society? What difference will I make in the world? These are all things Prilla had to explore and answer and the answers didn't just magically come all at once. No Prilla had to struggle with many things, and not just the quest, she had to deal with rude and nasty people, people trying to force her to do somthing she knew she couldn't do, struggling to find friends, to be appreciated. All things everyone deals with at some point in there life. Maybe not at a young age, but when we get older. That's why I think so many can connect with Prilla. She's just like a lot of us. Looking to find who we are.
Terence gave the book a good bit of male spice. To me Terence showed the reality of love. That it's not all rainbow and sunshine. It's a mess of tangled up complex issues. Terence didn't get Tink by being a "nice guy" which is what her is naturally. He didn't get her with a charming smile and a few well placed lines and he doesn't get her because he does somthing heroic. Terence just doesn't get Tink. That happens a lot in real life. People fall in love, but no matter how hard they try or what they do, there love is never requitted.
You also have to give Terence his props for keeping at it. That shows true and honest and pure love. When you can be walked all over, ignored and pushed around and still think the sun shines from there butt. (Which Terence obviously does). Terence knows Tink is a nice girl, he knows she isn't interested in him, and he knows she isn't about to change, but he still loves her, and he loves her for all the mentioned reasons. Kudos Terence, you truly have a pair of balls XD 
As for Rani, I can't say much for her. I didn't like her nor did I like the Queen or the Dove. but there is somthing you don't like in every book and it would be stupid to hate a book just because a few minor things. Rani was tolerable enough that I didn't completly dislike her and there wasn't much of Queen Clarion thankfully.
Over all this story was not just fantasy and fun with some well written characters. It's also a good life lesson about coming of age and finding out just who your going to be. I think people of any age could enjoy and connect with this book. I toast GCL for this masterpiece and I recomend this book to anyone! (My mother and grandmother both LOVE this book)
Pros: The story is one, one can easily connect to. 
           The Characters are all characters we can understand, feel for and learn from.
           The story moves fast enough to keep your attention, but slow enough that you can keep up
          They way she words things I really feel like I'm there.
           It's good for the whole family.
Cons: Queen Clarion and Mother Dove are treated like gods which bothered me
            Rani's continoues crying

Worth it: Def worth your money! A book you can read over and over again!

Title: The Trouble with Tink
Author: Kiki Thorpe
Character: Tinker Bell, Terence, Rani, Prilla, Queen Clarion, Vidia, Dulcie, Violet, Peter Pan
Rating: Four stars
Synopsis: Tink has always been the best Tinker in Pixie Hollow, no doubt. But when she loses her hammer during a game of tag, things suddenly turn topsy turvy. Everything Tink works on turns out worse then when she started. Tink knows she needs another hammer.But her spare is in Peter Pan's hideout! and she's to scared to go get. Will Tink have to give up Tinkering forever? Or will maybe, with a friend's help, Tink be able to work up the courage to go visit her old friend? 

Opinion: the first four books from the series are in my opinion all the best. We didn't have any oocness and amazing original plots. The Trouble with Tink though stands out to me as the best of the best though (Though Lily in Full Bloom and Vidia and the Fairy Crown come in as a close second) Why you ask? because it had everything! It had the internal struggle with Tink while she tries to figure out what to do about the hammer, it has the outward struggle as she messes up things in the Hollow, and falls out of favor with all but a few fairies. It has a twinge of romance between both Tink and Terence and Tink and Peter. And finally it has just a true feel that this isn't some secluded area in Neverland that has nothing to do with Neverland really, but it has the feel that this is just merely a part of Neverland and they are just as much Neverlanders as Peter Pan or the Pirates or anyone else on the island.
It was this story that first drew me to Terence and it is this book that kept me liking him all these years. He in every way reminds me of my best friend (without the having a crush on me thing) He is caring thoughtful and very willing to help. Several scenes I was touched but what he did for Tink even when she was mean to him (Ex: He brought her a muffin and milk even after she snapped at him and told him to leave) the scene when he offered to go with Tink to Peter's remains my favorite moment in the fairy series. Not because of the romantic sense it has but just the whole thing with Tink putting all her trust in Terence by telling him her secret, and then revealing Peter Pan(somthing she never tells the other fairies about). And then Terence getiing the jist that Tink was embaressed over the whole ordeal and not asking questions or needling for more information. Instead just simply offering to go with her, to help her. That to me is what true friendship is about. Understanding and trusting blindly, without any prove or information. Those two are the eptiome of being best friends and it shows immensly in this novel.
Pros: Tink is Tink which is a good thing
           More Terence time! 
          The story isn't some silly book trying to teach some pointless moral, it's just good clean fun. 
          Peter Pan makes an appearance and we learn about him and Tink's history 
         Two words: Prilla Vidia
Cons: A bit of a lag in the middle of the story
            Vidia is made into a bit of a bad guy
          The ending miffed me, it still felt unfinished

Worth it: Yes! This book is worth the five dollers you have to fork out for it

Title: Vidia and the Fairy Crown
Characters: Vidia, Prilla, Queen Clarion, Tink, Rani, Grace, Rhia, Lisel, Cinda, Adien, Lymphia, Nora, Twire, and Duce
Rating: Four Stars
Synopsis: Vidia is know for her sour additude, and rude remarks, but is she a theif? When one of her comments is turned against her after the Queen's Crown goes missing, Vidia is charged with stealing the crown! She has a day to prove her innocence, or face banishment from the Hollow forever. It's going to take a miralce to pull this off, or a certian redhead fairy.

Opinion: Vidia was always a favorite of mine fairy wise. I've always enjoyed seeing misunderstood characters rise above the prejudice and Vidia always seems to do that. In this book we are shown how mistreated Vidia is among the Never Fairies. She's always the first to be blamed for everything. Did it ever occur to the fairies that the crown might have been misplaced? Or that through the attendents carelessness it ended up in somelse's hands? No. But it sure occured to them that Vidia could have stole it! After all she's done for them and there kingdom and they still treat her like that.
but does Vidia let the prejudice get to her? Nope, she just keeps being Vidia. Plain and Simple, and she always shows those silly fairies she's not responsible for every mishap in Pixie Hollow. Here as she fights for her innocence she is joined by another misunderstood fairy. Prilla. The fairy understands that Vidia is Pixie Hollow's scape goat and despite Vidia's sometimes uncessiary nastiness Prilla steps in and offers to help her when no one else will. And though Vidia never says it flat out, she shows Prilla she is thankful for her help.
We also met some great fairies here. My favorite being Adien the crown repairing sparrow man. but all were fun to aquaint with, and many made it into future stories.
Pros: Vidia being the hero for the second time 
          Tink and Rani being made a fool out of! (I love Tink but it's great to see her being put in her place sometimes)
          Meeting fairies from different talents
         The growing friendship between Prilla and Vidia
Cons: Queen Clarion's random and unfair punishment (I mean banishment? Vidia stole feathers from Mother Dove and got away with less! Isnt feathers from Mother Dove more important then a silly crown?)
            This book also ended with a feeling is was unfinished.
Worth it?: YES! Vidia and the Fairy Crown is worth the five dollars.

These were a good batch of books. I enjoyed them all. The next four I'll be doing (As soon as I finish them) are Beck and the Great Berry Battle, Lily's Pesky Plant, Rani and the Mermaid Lagoon and Tinker Bell Takes Charge.

and as a last thought. I will be doing a "chapter book" of my own that I plan on illustrating (I'll put the illustrations up on my Deviantart) on Terence. The book is roughly titled "Terence and the Dust Disaster" of cource Terence will the main character but we will also see a lot of Prilla(since next to Tink she is Terence's best friend) Rani, Myka and Jerome(Dust Talent that appears a few times in the book series and comics) Belive it or not Tink won't be in it much. Lyria, Vidia, Lymphia, Antea, Silver Mist, and Tor are all going to appear too.

I havn't posted on this thing in forever! But I'll be doing it much more often now. Like.......almost once a day
tomarrow I'm putting up my review of Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg, The Trouble with Tink and Vidia and the Fairy Crown.

Writer's Block: If these walls could talk
Would you rent or buy the home of your dreams if a brutal murder had taken place there? What if you got to live there rent-free? Would you think twice if neighbors warned you that it was haunted?

Sure why the hell not. So what if I died, at least it was a nice house and i wouldn't have to pay a dime.
Hell yeah I'd move there.
Besides I don't belive in that haunted shit.

Writer's Block: Who's your BFF?
Who is your oldest friend (i.e., the friend you have known the longest)? How often do you see or talk to each other? Do your close friends tend to stay the same year after year or change over time?
Umm my best friend is Kenny. We've been friends for thirteen years now, he the best friend anyone can ask for.
and as for the second question. I tend to keep my friends from year to year. I have aquaintences(spelled that wrong) that come and go but friends I keep VERY close.

I really shouldn't be posting

Because I'm really sick. and I'm sore, because Mr. Porter had us do some intense dancing yesterday and I pulled a muscle in my leg while dancing. *sigh* but I can't be in bed cause then my nose gets all clogged up and my eyes water, and when I finally go to sleep I get these weird dreams. So for the most part I've been sitting on the couch working on my portfolio. 
Yesterday night I went to Halloween Horrer nights with Kenny and his really cute australian friends. I shouldn't have gone because I was ill (not as bad as I am today) and sore. But I really wanted to go so I went. Now I wish I had stayed home, because this year was the worst Halloween Horrer Nights ever. I think I got scared once.....and it wasn't even by the people working there, it was by Kenny. Seriously guys it was LAME. Usually they have at least one good scare zone, like last years Wizard Of Oz scare zone, but not this year. Nope nothing scary at ALL, not even the Saw scare house was scary, which surprised me because Saw is one of the all time scariest movies to me. (Well at least the first one is, I've never seen any of the others, though I saw the end of the third one a year or two ago) I expected the Chuckie scare house and scare zone to be stupid, and it was, I mean they had little people dressed as Chuckie running around, how is that sappoused to be scary? unless you have a fear of short people or somthing. and where did this wolfman thing come from? As far as I can tell there is no recent movie about a werewolf. Oh well, I have to admit the wolfman was the best out of all three. Probably because I really had no idea what it was about so I had no clue as to what was going to happen. Still it wasn't scary, just surprising. 
So if you happen to live in Flordia or California and want to go to Halloween Horrer Nights, don't. It's a waste of your time and of your money.  
Next week I attend Halloscream which looks a lot less lame.
on a side note, I was channel flipping at Kenny's house and saw the commercial for New Moon. It looks stupid, kind of like the book. A lot of my friends are trying to make me go see it, but I've made up my mind I'm not going. The whole Twilight thing is so overrated. I think I read the first book way before it became a fad and I hated it so much I never bothered with any of the others. I only know what happens because of my two Twilight crazed friends that chatter about it so much.
and finally lets talk about my love life, or lack thereof. Everyone I know has crushes or boyfriends/girlfriends except Gabe who just has girls he screws around with. So now that there all happily paired off they've decided to try to get me together with someone, much to my disapointment. I'm grateful that my friends care that much about me, but they don't seem to notice that I'm happy being single, I'm not that type of girl who would make a good girlfriend. I'm very independent and aggresive and I hate feeling tied down to one person for very long. 
and of cource there is the whole, I've been crushing on the same guy for nearly a year now but I'm afraid to tell him because it will ruin the fragile friendship I have with him at the moment and because he's dating a good friend of mine, and I know if I date him I'm going to end up breaking his heart. So yeah.
Well my sis just sent a bunch of Audrey Hepburn movies over so I'm going to sit down and watch them, and imagine I'm as glamourous as her and not a snotty groggy mess.


I can't tell you how happy I am. I recently bought Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure Read Aloud Story Book and there was this beautiful picture of Lyria, the story teller of Pixie Hollow.

Her part in the movie is wonderful, and she really has a beautiful voice!
I can't wait till the DVD comes out and I can mak more icons with her in them


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